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Hand printed velvet cushion cover made on a fair trade basis for Namaste by a small family business that specialises in textile products.

35 x 50cm

100% Printed Cotton Velvet

Hand Crafted In India - Namaste has been supporting the owner of this business since she bravely set up her own small artisan workshop 15 years or so ago after losing her job when her previous employer ran into difficulties. They support 35 full time positions with more on contract work according to demand. Employee benefits and working conditions are good and wages are above minimum wage. The business gives as much work as possible to workers from the disadvantaged sections of Jaipur society, particularly to the slum areas where the really disadvantaged struggle to find well paid work. They print most fabrics by hand and specialise in environmentally friendly techniques and fabrics, including traditional hand block printing and wonderful accessories made from recycled fabrics.

Handprinted velvet cushions

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