At CASA-ANCORA we love all types of furniture, especially vintage.  We admire the quality of the materials and craftsmanship that stand the test of time. 

We take pride in sourcing high quality pieces. Quite often furniture is un-wanted due to its dark colour and dated appearance. This is where we try to build on the furniture's best assets to produce a piece of furniture with a more contemporary, yet unique style.


We spend a lot of time preparing, so that the finished articles are as perfect as can be. All fittings (handles, hinges etc) are removed whenever possible, and areas are masked for a clean finish.

The original fixings are often reused, but if this is not possible good quality replacements are sourced and, where appropriate, updated with more contemporary alternatives.

We like to un-cover as much of the furniture's natural beauty as possible and complement that with modern shades which bring new life to old furniture. 

Pre-loved items are not always perfect and scratches and dents can add to the charm, and some are even intentional for the 'shabby chic' look.  We will always describe any obvious flaws. There may well be a few tiny drips and brush marks as every item is painted by hand.

We mostly use all natural, Frenchic chalk paint to give a safe, smooth and professional finish, if the chosen colour does not include finishing coat or wax we then add them on top of the finished surface to protect and preserve the natural beauty of the final surface.  

We love working with Frenchic paint so much we are an official stockist and can supply the full Frenchic range from our Rainford store.

Ethical Home Decor

We complement our own range of reimagined decor with fairly traded hand crafted products that support our own eco friendly ethos.

Our collection of home decor features handmade crafts from India made by craftsmen using traditional techniques.  We stock a range of unique products made from recycled glass, metal and sustainably sourced wood.

Our rugs bear the "Good Weave" certified label which means that they have been made without child labour.

Commission Work.

As well as supplying finished furniture we also complete commissions for customers that have a piece of furniture they love, this includes: Collection, minor repairs, preparation, applying finish, replacing hardware and delivery.  Please contact us for a quotation or to discuss.



Privacy policy.

Any personal information or data provided by you on this site will only be used for the purposes of communication; directly relating to fulfilling an order or answering your questions relating to our products or services.  We may contact you from time to time to keep you updated on CASA-ANCORA news.

We do not pass on your details to any third party for any purpose whatsoever.





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At CASA-ANCORA we are passionate about creating high quality unique modern pieces of furniture ready for you to bring HOME-AGAIN.

What are our opening hours?


Opening Times:

Regular Hours:

Tuesday - Friday 10:00 - 4:00

Saturday  10:00 - 3:00

Sunday 11:00 - 3:00

Monday - CLOSED

How do I look after my item?

All items are made of natural wood and should therefore be kept away from sources of heat; direct sunlight, radiators, fire, etc.  Surfaces should only need wiping down with a dampened cloth, no abrasive cleaners should be used.  Any natural surfaces that have had wax applied during finishing will require re waxing once or twice per year to keep them fed.  Always try to protect surfaces with a coaster of felt pads to prevent damage or staining.  Extra care should be taken when moving painted furniture as it will chip!

Item quantities?

Unless otherwise stated furniture items are unique and we do not have more than one of each piece of furniture.  However, the Cart may allow you to increase the quantity to more than one.  We request the quantity is always left at one before purchasing to prevent any complications.

How can I pay?

We accept cash and all major credit / debit cards in person or via our secure electronic payment service.

Returns Policy.

Furniture, Décor and Painting Accessories.

Can only be returned if found to be faulty.  This does not include items that are purposely aged or distressed.




Paint can only be returned or exchanged if it does not meet quality standards.  It cannot be returned for any other reason as we cannot guarantee storage conditions that may effect the quality of the product.